Beautiful fields, a rocky beach in Costa Brava, an evening sunset in your garden, some hidden forest, a barn or painted concrete wals… all could be perfect backdrops for a outdoor – exterior boudoir in Barcelona. Usually, this intimate portraits are taken in hotel rooms, beautiful apartments or in the coziness of your house. But if you would like to shoot outside in a beautiful sunny afternoon or morning it’s also possible. We have many options for a beautiful outdoor Boudoir. Let’s keep the creativity and mind open!

Outdoor Boudoir Barcelona

Oudoor Boudoir Photography from Seductionloves.me takes intimate photography to the streets and landscapes of Barcelona. An ideal gift for you or your partner. Dreamy and intimate images.

The locations in this kind of shoot are primarily outdoors and vary with the seasons. In summer… you could also try our Beach, bikini & swimwear photography.

For an outdoor boudoir or a general boudoir photoshoot… you draw the limits of nudity! You don’t need to be naked to have sensual and glamorously stunning photographs. Our photography can go from something more explicit to sensual photos with everything subtle & implicit…

But the important is that you feel confident, comfortable and relaxed. It’s about looking fabulous! Bring your sexy lingerie, your man’s shirt, designers’ clothing or those high heels. Get now more details.